Saturday, October 29, 2005

What's Big and Green and Riant?

Omigod, Elmer Dresslar, Jr., has died. The voice of the Jolly Green Giant. The obit does not mention whether he was any kin in real life to Little Sprout. As it happens, an old Jolson song, And Then He'd Row, Row, Row has been running through my head (without parodic result, I might add), and the following occurred to me:

And when he'd "Ho! Ho! Ho!"
About his veggies,
We'd say, "No! No! No!"
And give 'im wedgies;
Then we'd knock him off his pins,
Kick him in the shins--
We'd knock him down
And rough him up
And wish that he were twins.

That's writing as fast as I can type, that is. And what it means I haven't the least idea. No copyright notice this issue; steal the sucker, for all I care.


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