Thursday, October 19, 2006

A Song With a Gag

On my way home this evening, the Muse was kind, and took me where I never expected to go. The original song is one I hadn't expected to parody, Nora Bayes's and Jack Norworth's Shine On, Harvest Moon. I took one look at that number a long time ago and despaired, for the rhythms are a bear.

Tonight, for some reason, sign on popped into my head, and I carried on with no notion of where it would end, all the while dreading the thought of For me and my gal, and of trying to fit something to it that wasn't an anti-climax.

The final lyric:

Sign on: __________
Sign on with your *name: __________
And *date of birth: __________

Type in
*Mother's maiden name: __________
*SSN: __________
*Telephone: __________
*Address: __________
And *net worth: __________.

These days,
Private facts are few
And far between;
So sign on—
Read our new webzine:
Identity Theft.

Lyric © 2006 by Nathaniel DesH. Petrikov


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