Sunday, October 01, 2006

Rambo Addendum

Thoughts for a second third-of-a-CD have been swirling about in the only brain available here at Death and Taxes, and a finish for Me, I'm Not Rambo (to the tune of Me and My Shadow) has formed itself as a result. It's only a half-a-chorus. The tagline might still amuse (barely) the third time around, but three more times would definitely pall. So, starting at the release:

I whupped Apollo Creed;
I conquered 'Nam;
I see no need
For Jean-Claude Van Damme.
Me, I'm not Rambo.
Then again—perhaps I am.

Lyric © Nathaniel DesH. Petrikov

Something has to be done with that last tagline, though—it buggers up the flow of thought.

I have no idea whether this or any particular song will find its way onto Part II of the CD. I've got my eyes on Wonderbra (as it were), since we've already arranged it; but that song needs more to be a full-fledged track. If the idea can't sustain another chorus, we might make a medley of two short songs. But what to match it with? Something about clothing—They Have to Be Blue—or something about breasts—You Must Have Had an Amateur Boob-Job?

Does Part II go for an English theme, in a bid for Chappell's attention (ha, ha)? Or should it feature self-deprecatory songs, like On a Pestilent Day Like Today or the aforesaid Me, I'm Not Rambo, both of which got a reasonable reception at Danny's?


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