Friday, September 01, 2006


Yesterday, I noticed that The Nyok Times was reporting an hilarious literary feud in England between A.N. Wilson and Bevis Hillier, both biographers of John Betjeman. In two ticks, a throwaway parody popped into my head, and I shot it off to the editor of London's Sunday Times, whence the story originated. We'll see if they print it, virtually or otherwise. Meanwhile, posting it here would probably scuttle any chance it has of being published, so I won't.

Mind you, the parody's nothing much. Silly, even puerile. It was all of five minutes' thought, or, at least, ganglial activity. But this blog is supposed to be the paper of record for my stuff, so I'll bung it down as soon as I get the brusheroo from the Rupert Murdoch.


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