Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Fatal Fascination of Taglines

I don't know whether the following was worth the effort, but part of the tagline popped into my head, so I followed through. Probably a mistake.

The tune is Richard Rodgers's soul-stirring but misguided Surrey With the Fringe on Top. Lots of dummy words in this one, which is presently the sketchiest of drafts:

Hicks and flakes step out with an iPod
Hooked on belt, or hung on a tripod.
Chances are, you might think the type odd--
But they're really not:

No one from Da Brat to The Bopper
Stands to rake in one little copper
From the songs they keep in the hopper,
'Cause the files are hot.

They hack through firewalls and jimmy e-locks
(The software goes for a pittance);
They'd probably manage to invade Fort Knox,
Despite that it says No Admittance.

You, who turn out songs for a living--
You might not feel quite so forgiving;
You might think they're due for a shivving
In a nice, soft spot.
Still, they're very, very sorry to infringe . . .
No, they're not.

Lyric © 2006 Nathaniel DesH. Petrikov

The end of the last line is particularly weak, but no fix has suggested itself at moment of going to press.


Blogger ConejoValleyVermin said...

This silly rabbit offers the following final line: 'When they're caught!'.

10:29 AM  

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