Sunday, September 24, 2006

Back to the Drawing Board

So it turns out that S.O.P. and I.R.S. in my last effort don't scan. Following my own S.O.P., I consulted the sheet music after writing the consarned lyric, and find that the melody has a dotted rhythm at that point, so something like point d'appui (only not point d'appui, of course) would be a better fit. As Lorenz Hart might have said, buggering hell.

I'm taking my mind off the whole thing by watching Kenny Baker put the moves on Cyd Charisse in The Harvey Girls, and trying to imagine exactly what Johnny Mercer and Judy Garland did in bed; an imagination-beggaring exercise if ever there was one. As for Cyd, she looks as if she was suffering from the effects of opium withdrawal. It's a wonder she's reached the ripe old age of 85.


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