Thursday, September 18, 2008

Common Sense Temporarily Prevails

The Ninth Circuit has got it right in upholding a "stop hiring illegals" law, if this blat is to be believed; not that any blat is to be believed, of course.

No one but a lawyer would say that such laws, designed solely to protect public health, safety and morals--the traditional province of the States' police power--, amount to "meddling" in Federal immigration policy (if any). These laws regulate employers, not illegals; forbid acts by employers, not illegals; punish employers, not illegals.

No, if anyone's been overreaching, it's Washington, which since 1986 has forbidden Americans to work, unless they can prove their right to do so. A remarkable instance of post-9/11 mentality before 9/11: discouraging crime by assuming everyone to be a crook who can't prove his innocence.

Do I sound curmudgeonly? I certainly don't mean to!


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