Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sarah the Untouchable

Who knew the G.O.P. had a sense of humor?

How else can one account for the Divine Sarah's nomination as Vice President, but as a satire on the Democrats' Weltanschauung? Here's a woman with a full-time career who still manages to have a family; the wife of an Eskimo with a substance abuse problem; the mother of five kids with names so bizarre, they could have been coined by Brangelina itself, including one unwed mom and one mentally retarded child. Alec Baldwin must now be feeling like a Christian Scientist with appendicitis, as Tom Lehrer used to say.

Each party criticizes the other for nominating a candidate who lacks experience, as if the purely ceremonial position of President required any experience whatever. Well, what price Theodore Roosevelt, whose ascent would have been meteoric, if it weren't that meteors descend? A short stint as Assistant Secretary of the Navy; one term as Governor of New York; and one charge up San Juan Hill, according to his memoir, Alone in Cuba. Not much of a resume; but the guy made a name for himself.

Mark my words: there's a market waiting for the enterprising soul who manufactures the first Sarah Moose.


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