Saturday, June 21, 2008

Go Figyah!

As my faithful readership may have noticed, there's a wee globe at the bottom of this page. Clicking on it leads one to stats (very, very modest stats) regarding the persons who visit my blog. And I've perceived (without actually counting) that the strangers who come upon my site do so after searching one of the following:

castration fantasy
patron saint lawyers
bahar gidwani

Yep, Bahar Gidwani. Apparently, some small sliver of mankind has NOTHING BETTER TO DO than to google Bahar Gidwani.

Speaking of whom, I removed the back of a picture frame today and found hidden therein a receipt for dues of $100 signed by Bahar Gidwani. For a moment, I felt all Nicolascagey-like.

Apparently, Bahar Gidwani must have served as treasurer of some organization or other to which we both belonged; though I wonder: what organization could possibly have been so lax in its membership requirements, as to have admitted both of us?


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