Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Singular, of course, because holy wedlock is the first and last item on the list. At present, the Immortal Beloved and self are aiming for July 26 in the West's Most Western Town.

But there are sub-headings. Tomorrow, I fly thither to be interviewed by the local deacon and to make dashed certain that our ducks are in a row re applying for special dispensations to enter into a mixed marriage, and to do so as speedily as dammit. On June 13, we meet in Colorado Springs for what the Church calls pre-Cana. An evening and two days of communication, reflection and who knows what.

Meanwhile, we're spending the Glorious Fourth in Flavortown.

The more I think about this; the more we e-mail; the more we visit each other; and the more we telephone; the more I believe that this is a Good Thing in the deepest, holiest, Sellar-and-Yeatman-est sense of the term.

Hot dog! Nay; hot diggety dawg!!


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