Wednesday, April 09, 2008

My Hero

The Last Boy Scout in the World has been exonerated again, according to the Nyok Times. Thank goodness! If someone could only police the PATH and the Subway as John Clifford polices the Long Island Rail Road; just imagine what a lovely world this would be! If Mr. Clifford were here at this moment, I'd offer to buy him a drink.

I find it hilarious that railroad officials treat Mr. Clifford as a threat to the quality of life on the Long Island Rail Road. They have a fucking nerve to pretend that life on the Long Island Rail Road has any quality.

May God's Grace forever shine upon John Clifford; and may He protect us all from those who commence yapping the moment their eyes open in the morning and don't stop yapping until slumber overtakes them at day's end. This we ask, etc., etc.


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