Friday, February 29, 2008

Back to Madison Avenue

At long last, a lyric. Technically a lyric, anyway. To the tune of Sammy Fain's 1949 smasheroo, Dear Hearts and Gentle People. It's in honor of a pseudo-Brit drinking establishment at Liberty and Nassau Streets in Manhattan:

If you want beer, darts, and genial people,
Then come to Pound & Pence;
Because with beer, darts, and genial people,
It all begins to make some sense.

You've had a long day—they just aren't biting,
However hard you slave;
A soothing mood tune and recessed lighting
And ambience are what you crave.

And here's the sweet part: the prices they charge
Don't insult the clientele's intelligence.
So if it's beer, darts, and genial people . . .
You'll find 'em all at Pound & Pence.

Lyric © 2008 Nathaniel DesH. Petrikov

I told you not to hold your breaths!


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