Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hail, the Conquering Heroes!

I arrived in the City today to find the joint inundated with bumpkins in outsized blue jerseys. I hauled my perspicacity out of the trunk in my mental attic, gave it a good shake, checked it for moths, and divined that a ticker-tape parade must be brewing for our own New York Giants, who recently did something-or-other.

O! how glorious!! Lindbergh, Glenn, the Greatest Generation, and now--football players.

To honor Our Boys, I betcha they rename The Canyon of Heroes The Canyon of Boys Who Never Grew Up. And in the middle of City Hall Park, where the parades end, they'll raise a statute of Sir James Barrie, signifying absolutely nothing to anyone who engages in . . . er . . . foo'baw.


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