Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sex, Hell!

"Spitzer Resigns, Felled by Sex Scandal." As usual, the Nyok Times misses the point of what it reports, though it's had four days to get it right.

The sex, as anyone with a sense of humor can see, was there only for comic relief. Nothing's funnier than a prematurely bald man of great power and riches but indifferent personal advantages being Caught in the Act. Laughing about such things is Human Nature.

But that shouldn't distract us from the moral lessons: a Pecksniff has violated laws enacted by his fellow Pecksniffs, including transporting gulls across a staid lion for immortal porpoises; being very, very naughty, 26 U.S.C.A. ยง6050I(f)-wise; and Paying For It.

And then there's the moral lesson derived from watching the ex-Gov learn that the Law applies to the boys in the Temple, as well as to the congregation outside. The present mess, in fact, has at least one thing in common with Nannygate.


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