Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cost-Benefit Analysis

I don't know about other metropolises—er, metropoli—metropolides?—oh, hell, cities; but in Nyok, commuters have for some time now been confronted daily with a choice of two free newspapers: Metro and AM New York.

I never read 'em. Frankly, I can't afford 'em; they're just too darned expensive.

Being the upstanding citizen that I am, you see, I wouldn't dream of leaving a newspaper behind on the train or littering the platform with it; and the PATH system has done away with all trashcans, out of an understandable fear that saboteur airliners might take to lurking in them; so that means I have to find some place to throw the newspaper away when I'm done with it. The cost to me of one of these blats, as I figure it, is:

Cost of Newspaper $0.00
Reading Value of Newspaper $0.00
Cost of Annoyance in Disposing of Newspaper -$0.50
Total Cost -$0.50

So, overall, I don't even break even on the deal; I'm out a whopping fifty cents.

I figure when Metro and AM New York start paying folks fifty cents to take the rags off their hands, I'll step up to the plate. But not until then.


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