Thursday, November 15, 2007

Googling Moi

One thing the old website had, which the new website hasn't, is a sensitivity to search engines. Type in a phrase from one of my lyrics, and Google returns a link to the old site (99% of which, of course, no longer exists). The way the new website is arranged, Google just doesn't pick 'em up.

Google a phrase from one of my lyrics (as I sometimes do, in my narcissistic way), and you may find that even a dull one is unique in the virtual world. Take the recent phrase, When you're pushing fifty-nine. When you're pushing . . . is idiomatic enough, certainly; and the notion of subtracting one year from a round decade out of vanity, after the manner of Jack Benny's perennial age of 39, doesn't require a very big leap. So one would think (all right, I would think) that someone, somwhere, must have used the exact phrase at least once in the past fifteen years or so. But no. The new page at the old website is the only thing Google returns.

My feelings of alienation from the entire human race are sometimes very acute.


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