Tuesday, October 02, 2007

More Wheel-Spinning

Well, Callipygia never got past my explanation to the director that the song was about fat asses. Instead, I was told off (or so I thought) to write a parody of the Mickey Mouse Club theme:

[Men:] We've been reading Hefner
Since before they called him "Hef":

[Women:] We're so menopausal,
That we sing the tenor clef:

[Solos:] Laugh out loud (what the fuck!),
Omigod (what the fuck!),
And similar expressions of dismay.

[All:] Half of us are impotent
And all of us are deaf:
L-O-L—Elevated blood pressure—
O-M-G—Jeepers, but we're hip!—

Lyric © Nathaniel DesH. Petrikov

Well, I misinterpreted my instructions. Apparently, "and you know what I was thinking too, . . ., to do an introduction of the cast to the MICKY MOUSE tune" does not mean, "please write a proposed parody of same."



Blogger James Reeves said...

Hmm... so you're dealing with confusing, contradictory instructions, and no appreciation of (or even willingness to listen to) good creative work.... OK, you're now fully prepared to come work for the government, or at least my small part of it. Sounds to me like you should flee.

And as for Windmills, since I requested the parody I should probably at least attempt it myself, so at this point I'm about half way through a coarse but oddly satisfying draft, with the working title "When the Wind Fills Your Behind." Well, I said it was coarse. It was that or "In The Gin Mills of your Kind," which is contrived to say the least.

And I'm learning all about the perfect phrase with no possible rhyme except something awkward and stilted that destroys the tone, along with countless other pitfalls of the struggling parodist -- though I will say, as you have sometimes described, when it finally comes, it comes fast.

6:15 PM  

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