Saturday, September 29, 2007

More Tweaking

Trying to improve the choruses:

Callipygia, here I come:
Liposuction for my bum.
My figger
Gets bigger,
Try as I might;
Last Easter,
My keister
Lost a fight
With cellulite.
So now my buns are "Super Size,"
Poised above two thunder-thighs.
Plastic surgeons put me wise:
Callipygia, here I come!

Callipygia, here I come!
(Then I might start getting some.)
My hiney
Was tiny
(Not that you'd know);
A hypo,
Some lipo—
Back I go
To status quo.
So feed me fries with mayonnaise;
I don't need no diet craze!
Lipo means that, nowadays,
Callipygia, here I come!

Lyric © 2007 Nathaniel DesH. Petrikov

I don't like the looks of figger, but it's more intelligible than the old line, and so will have to do till something better comes along.


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