Thursday, September 01, 2005

Brushing Off an Old Idea

For all I know, it could be twenty years since a tagline occurred to me for a parody of Styne's Everything's Coming Up Roses, but I never did anything about it back then, prodigal that I was with ideas. Nowadays, though, I have to be a bit stingier about these things. This morning's commute yielded the following first draft:

La Bohème
At the Met:
Songs as catchy as catchy can get.
I, of course,
Hum the tune.
Funny—everyone's turning up noses.

Dining out—
Where they serve me a piquant poulet.
I dig in—
With a spoon.
Funny—everyone's turning up noses.

I shop Prada,
Saks and Henri Bendel—
Yadda, yadda.
Still, I'm persona non grada.

At a fête
On the lawn—
There's been nothing but sunshine since dawn.
It's July,
And it's warm.
There am I,
True to form:
I strip down to my undies, 'cause it's hot.
Funny—everyone's turning up noses and knocking me—
Everyone's turning up collars and cutting me—
Everyone's turning up volumes and shunning me—
Everyone's turning up noses at me—and for what?!

Lyric © 2005 Nathaniel DesH. Petrikov


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