Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Election: 2008

So as to be prepared for the national election three years hence, I thought I'd drum up something now (something tentative, mind you; note the reference to Kerry, who may no longer be among us at that point).

What started as high-minded satire turned into vulgar abuse in pretty short order. Luckily, in this benighted age, abuse beats satire, even if it gives up cards and spades. The tune is Warren's Would You Like to Take a Walk?, a midi of which can be found at David Jenkins's phenomenal tribute to Harry Warren (as ever, click on "The Songs"; go to the W's, and click on the song title).

Omigod! It’s election time again!
Holy crap! The Republicans are back.
Oh, good grief! Kerry isn’t in the running?!
Someone must be funning—
Nothin’ good ‘ll come of that.

Oh, good Lord! It’s another dam’ debate!
Jesus Christ! This is ab-solutely wack.
Freakin' A! Where the heck is Law and Order?
Stop the tape recorder.
Heaven knows, I don’t want that.

At the National Convention,
We seek conviction—but is it there?
Alas! there’s no conviction. There’s just convection—
Hot air.

Bless my stars! Have you seen ‘em meet the press?
Golly gee! Do you think they need a flack?
Bloody hell! What a bumper crop of bunkum!
Maybe if we dunk ‘em;
Somethin’ good ‘ll come of that.

Lyric © 2005 Nathaniel DesH. Petrikov

The reader should understand, in reading these things, that Job One is getting an idea, and Job Two is simply filling the available space one time through. All the tinkering, polishing, revising and so on can come later—if I ever get around to it.


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