Sunday, June 26, 2005

Jingle Hell, Jingle Hell . . .

The trip down this morning, with my daughter to entertain me, was not as painful as I was expecting, for reasons that will appear below. The trip back up, alone, was six and a half hours of sheer hell, owing to lack of sleep. I won't scar the sensitive souls of my public by giving details; suffice it to say that my public is dashed lucky that I arrived home in one piece.

On the way down, my daughter was playing her favorite radio (a gift from Miss Sallie Parker), and out of the corner of my ear, so to speak, I heard a pitch for an Oreo jingle-writing contest--the theme, "Milk's favorite cookie," Oreo's current slogan; first prize, $10,000. By the time we reached our destination, I'd found a tune to fit the phrase and the lyric was done. And not bad it was, for it resonated with several Oreo themes. Its principal flaw was that it was too long--but we did a little testing, and discovered that the 55-second (!) spot I'd created could be cut and pasted to make a 30-second or a 15-second spot, with tinkering.

On arriving home this evening, I went to the webpage to find out how to submit my entry, and discovered that the damned thing was a jingle-singing contest, not a jingle-writing contest. Oh, well--at least writing it helped to pass the time.

My jingle's set to the tune of Food, Glorious Food, from Lionel Bart's Oliver! (though it needn't be sung to it):

Hands up, if you know
Milk's Favorite Cookie!
What pleases the pro [cf. grandfatherly type in recent ad campaign]?
What tickles the rookie [cf. cute li'l grandson in ditto]?

What thrills 'em from New Rochelle
Out to San Francisco?
It isn't too hard to tell--
Think "Nabisco."

One wonderful snack
Unravels the riddle.
Take one from the stack
(First eating the middle):

Far sweeter than honeycomb,
Far smoother than silk;

Lyric © 2005 Nathaniel DesH. Petrikov

On the way home, a thinnish idea occurred to me for a song about Interstate 95. Watch this space for further developments.


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