Friday, May 13, 2005

Theme Song

It struck me yesterday that I ought to have my own theme song. (Actually, everyone ought to have his own theme song, but I can't be responsible for everyone.) What prompted the notion was a lyric that popped unbidden into the ol' noggin, to the tune of Richard Rodgers's 1929 goo-fest, "With a Song in My Heart": "With a song in my spleen." My feelings exactly. So I switched into Foggy Mode as I went about my usual business, and the lyric below was the result. A really rousing midi, done as only the Japanese can do it and perfectly suited to the following lyric, can be found here (you'll have to sit through the verse, at least until I write one).

With a song full of spleen
And a passive-aggressive approach—
Partly caused by caffeine
And a lifetime of flying in coach—
I express my views
(Like anyone cares!)
On news
And affairs
Of state. There's
Not a lot I can say,
Dishing up all this corn-on-the-cob;
It's degrading, but hey—
Better this than a regular job.
For I did the math,
And I chose the path
Of a song full of wrath and spleen.

Lyric © 2005 Nathanial DesH. Petrikov


Blogger sallie parker said...

Bravo, but it ain't all corn!

9:14 PM  

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