Friday, March 04, 2005

Martha's Out

The Nyok Times reports that Martha Stewart ceased to be a Mountain Mama as of 12:30 ack emma and winged it back to Westchester:


She said that, while in stir, she met some "extraordinary people." As one might say, on meeting a frightful bounder, "What an extraordinary person!"

I can't make up my mind about her crime, if crime it was. There doesn't seem to be any doubt that she lied about her sale of ImClone; the thing was obvious--particularly the erasure in the broker's notes, which was, let's face it, as transparent as Brooklyn cronyism. But the activity she lied about--insider-training--is hardly a moral crime, and therefore is at most malum prohibitum. Forbidding people who know things from acting on their knowledge is like outlawing any other perfectly human activity, and just about as effective.

A six-month stretch is certainly a novel way of quadrupling one's portfolio, though.


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