Monday, February 28, 2005

End of an Era

An old pen-pal who's been squatting at 850 Seventh Avenue, N.Y., N.Y., for the past forty years or so--and that's handsome squatting in any league--tells me he's absquatulating to the Iron Range region of Minnesota, of all places. Seems a remote spot, but he has a couple of friends with similar tastes in music who live in Michigan, and that's practically right next door, innit? (I was tutored in geography by Saul Steinberg.)

He courteously declined my offer to assist him this weekend in packing, crating and truck-loading, so about my only duty in the matter is to wish him Godspeed and to give thanks to Blog, God of the Internet, that half a continent is no longer an impediment to whatever the heck it's no longer an impediment to.


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